Of a lot models can be seen when examining the fresh Enneagram this ways and its particular a good kick off point to explore the very cause of a characteristics.

Whether or not it was difficult to select anywhere between several similar models (especially if you are considering its behavior more the motivations), contrasting her or him by the its variations helps make some thing far more clear. New survey in the very beginning of the Skills of your Enneagram, the new Riso-Hudson Trip, work this way. Both issues request you to choose one out of about three sentences off one or two teams you to definitely most readily useful refers to your. The new sentences in the first classification for each and every match new products inside one of many around three Hornevian teams in addition to sentences in the 2nd group for every single complement the models in one of the about three Harmonic teams.

Because of the looking for you to definitely part out of for every single you might come to good certain sort of much like running across the rows and you can columns off a great multiplication desk into the one package you to definitely holds the solution. It’s often much easier for all of us to pick you to definitely section for each regarding a few groups of around three as opposed to compare 9 various types at once and try to figure out which properties is actually essential and ought to publication all of our choice. We could embrace in order to a questionnaire otherwise refute other designs on account of a single range i interpret a certain means.

The fresh new Triads

The fresh new Triads are often called jak funguje naughtydate the Body, Cardio, and you can Direct items. (Sometimes other brands particularly Instinctual, Perception and you will Thought are utilized.) The body types is 7, 9 and one, one’s heart products are a couple of, Around three and Five therefore the Head types are Five, Half dozen and 7.

These types of labels ought not to suggest that speaking of aspects of fuel into the various sorts. Really the reverse is valid. The fresh new systems within the for every single Triad mainly identify with this particular part of on their own rather than the other parts. For the Enneagram terms and conditions, it appears a fatigue or vulnerability throughout the true mind where ego enjoys went directly into complete the latest pit. Within the story words, it exhaustion was for the reason that this new wound enjoy along with acquisition so you’re able to heal they, a characteristics would need to release so it identity having brand new ego and you will learn that they are able to rely on its real worry about.